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Video is a proven tool to educate, train, and connect people together. Intelligent Video Solutions provides a turnkey solution designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of viewing live activity over the network and recording a wide variety of events simply and cost effectively. Our solution empowers users to quickly and easily view, record and manage video events without extensive IT support headaches. Valt provides a single platform to meet the diverse video capture requirements which exist in many organizations today.

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IVS Beam (Mobile Capture and Streaming) is an iOS app that can be installed on any iOS device (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone). When paired with our flagship Valt application Beam can turn any iOS device into either a floating camera or a complete audio video capture platform. This gives our customers the ability to perform mobile onsite or offsite recording while being able to mantain the security and asset management our solutions provide.

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IVS bundles our Valt software with our open architecture server appliance platforms to provide a reliable turnkey hardware and software solution. We have several platforms that can be customized to the exact requirements of your application. Our cube system is a small form factor appliance designed to support up to five cameras and store up to 4,000 hours of video.  Our tower system features RAID 5 and is designed to support up to 15 cameras and store up to 12,000 hours of video. Our rack systems support RAID 5/6 and are designed to support up to 50 cameras and store up to 56,000 hours of video.



Intelligent Video Solutions is capable of providing end users with a turn key system installation. This can include:  Structured Cabling, Mounting and Terminating all Camera and Audio Equipment, Racking and Configuring Valt Server Appliance(s), Head end Configuration and End User Training.  

We also have a network of integration partners that can provide these installation services as well.  

Intelligent Stream Recorder 

Our team released the ISR (Intelligent Stream Recorder) in 2008 to record audio video events for a wide variety of applications utilizing off the shelf industry standard IP cameras and audio equipment.  This was our “second generation” product successor to the IVR (Intelligent Video Recorder) which was an analog based system that our team launched and sold in 2001.  In January of 2015 we discontinued the ISR and replaced it with our Valt application. We continue to support hundreds of existing IVR & ISR customers. For existing ISR customers we have an upgrade program that allows you to trade in old ISR camera licenses for new Valt licenses at no cost.  If you are an existing ISR customer and you are interested in upgrading or extending your warranty please contact us for additional information at